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A server is a system (software and suitable computer hardware) that responds to requests across a computer network to provide, or help to provide, a network service. Servers can be run on a dedicated computer, which is also often referred to as "the server", but many networked computers are capable of hosting servers. In many cases, a computer can provide several services and have several servers running simultaneously.

This training specifically shows you on how to operate, configure and maintain a Windows Server and will give you the knowledge to be in control of a complex, business-wide systems. Earning an MCSA or MCSE qualification in Windows Server will underline your knowledge and skills in navigating servers and will highlight to potential employers that you are ready to hit the ground running in a large scale business and manage networks across the company.

MTA Server Administration

Candidates for this exam are familiar with the concepts and the technologies of Windows Server administration. Candidates should have some...

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MCSA Server 2012

This exam is part two of a series of three exams that test the skills and knowledge necessary to administer a Windows Server 2012 infrastructure in an...
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MCSA Server 2016

Candidates for this exam perform tasks related to the networking features and functionalities available in Windows Server 2016. Candidates should have...
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MCSE Core Infrastructure

This exam is part one of a series of two exams that test the skills and knowledge necessary to design, implement, and maintain a Windows Server 2012 infrastructure...
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MCSE Productivity

This exam is designed for candidates who have a minimum of three years of experience designing and managing Exchange Server and who are responsible for the Exchange...
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